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RAGIN Outdoor Fitness Adventures

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RAGIN Outdoor Fitness Adventures

Ragin Outdoor Fitness AdventuresBeginners often need some extra help and encouragement to nudge them out the door and into some new explorations of nature. That’s where RAGIN Outdoor Adventures can be of service. Although they are based in central West Virginia, American Council on Exercise (ACE) personal trainers Rachel Kutskill and Jennifer Ginsberg have built a statewide reputation for preparing and guiding inexperienced groups to adventures ranging across day hiking, backpacking, tent or rustic cabin camping, and even deluxe cabin overnight stays for the less adventurous. Their motto is “Play outside!”

Adventures on the Gorge

“Our experienced guides help people appreciate and explore the beauty of West Virginia while enjoying the health benefits that outdoor fitness provides,” explained Ginsberg, who co-owns the enterprise with Kutskill. “You can join one of our scheduled day hikes or we can customize a trip based on your group’s level of adventure.” RAGIN goes beyond just guiding trips and providing equipment. Both Ginsberg and Kutskill work one-on-one and in small groups to help their clients prepare themselves both mentally and physically for the challenges ahead through specialized training and workshops.

“We challenge our clients to discover fitness in a new and natural setting that enables them to work out without walls,” said Kutskill. “We offer new exercise techniques in the safety of a professional setting to get you ready.” They also are trained in wilderness survival techniques and are CPR and wilderness first aid certified, so they are able to handle any difficulties that may occur. One of their recent trips was a two-day backpacking climb to the top of Spruce Knob, the state’s highest peak. Others included a wellness weekend cabin retreat in the New River Gorge and day hikes in historic Thurmond and along the Endless Wall Trail overlooking the New River.

RAGIN works with clients to come up with new ideas in outdoors adventuring. “You pick the adventure and we make it happen,” said Ginsberg.

For more information about RAGIN Outdoor Fitness Adventuress, call 304-951-9141, email RaginAdventures@gmail.com, or visit www.raginsoutdoorfitnessadventures.com.