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An Outdoors Retreat

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An Outdoors Retreat

An Outdoors RetreatNorth River Retreat bills itself as “The Outdoors Next Door!” That’s appropriate because its location in Hampshire County in the Eastern Panhandle puts it close to visitors from Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C., as well as from West Virginia.

An Outdoors Retreat
“The Matrix” is a popular five-level platform for shooting clays pigeons at North River Retreat.

Although its 437 acres offer several outdoors-related adventure opportunities, North River Retreat is becoming famous for its unique fivestation, five-level shooting platform (called “The Matrix”) that allows sporting clays shooting from different heights. A wobble “trap” (the machine that releases the clay “birds”) is located underneath the structure. This special trap shoots out clays by remote control. They fly above and below the shooter in random fashion, with the flight of each clay varying in height and angle.

Six other traps surround the shooting structure in a semi-circle, providing additional opportunities to shoot targets released remotely from various distances. Beginning this year, shooters also have an opportunity to go on a “Matrix Hunt,” with sounds of game birds calling and flushing at the same time clays are released.

An Outdoors Retreat
Special clinics are available for beginning shooters.

This sport is becoming more popular as people discover the fun and challenge of shooting a small moving target with a shotgun. North River offers clinics twice a year to teach shooting skills for beginners and those of limited experience. The clinic includes instruction, loan of a 20-gauge shotgun, shotgun shells and clay pigeons, and all the required safety equipment.

“Families or small groups of friends are welcome to book ‘The Matrix’ for a morning or afternoon shoot. Shooting clays is great fun year-round,” explained John Gavitt, owner and manager of North River Retreat. “Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or just a beginner, North River Retreat provides personal attention to clients desiring to shoot clays, hunt, fish, camp, or simply go hiking for the day.”

For more information about services, rates and reservations, call 540-539-9873, email northriver@live.com, or visit online www.northriverretreat.com.