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Being Green in West Virginia
West Virginians share their stories and green tips.


I opened Mission Savvy in downtown Charleston to give consumers the power to make change with their dollar. Sweat shops do not have to exist if we choose to not support them. We do not have to suffer from global water shortages if we reduce our reliance on water. We can create jobs in the US by buying products made locally. We can become a productive, socially aware, fulfilled, caring, respectful society if we make an effort to do so. Through Mission Savvy I will continue to offer products of consumer demand that are sustainable, healthy for the body and the earth and enjoyable by everyone! We need to respect our right to be on this earth with every decision we make.
- Jennifer Miller, Charleston


I own a window tinting company in Jane Lew, WV. What we do that is quite green and most people don't know about is install window film on homes, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc... It is a 30% energy savings across the board and it also protects your floor and furniture from sun damage. 99% UV Protection. We have seen as much as a 15 degree temperature drop in rooms with large windows.
- Kristy Kerwood, Weston


"Smelling Like a Rose" is the name of my chemical-free housecleaning business. I use only essential oils, for the main cleaning, and as necessary, baking soda, linseed oil soap, and white vinegar.

I started this business in March 2011 to the public but in my heart it began a few years earlier. I had been sick for many years and lab reports showed that I had mercury toxicity. The abundance of tin in the report confirmed this mercury was coming from my fillings. During this illness I developed multiple chemical sensitivities. Once the fillings were removed and I received chelation treatment, I felt wonderful and decided to go to school for holistic medicine. It was during my aromatherapy class that I discovered the power of essential oils.

Essential Oils are fragrant oils that are steam distilled from plants, and are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial and will even clean your air long after I'm gone. They are especially appreciated by those with allergies, small children, those who are sick, as well as pet owners. I offer clients a choice of florals, citrus, woodsy or earthy. Essential oils are the cleaner way to clean.
- Darlene Rose, Charleston