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Farm Fresh Orders Online

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Farm Fresh Orders OnlineFarm Fresh Orders Online

Farm Fresh Orders Online
Monroe Farm Market Manager Keveney Bair and Phillip Schrock deliver fresh produce to Charleston restaurants each week.

In the southern part of the state, technology is helping farmers in rural Monroe County reach new customers in the state’s capital, about three hours away.

The non-profit Monroe Farm Market is operated out of Union as both a physical and virtual farmers market for fresh, local foods. On monroefarmmarket.org, member farmers log into the system to list how many pounds of tomatoes, cheese, baked goods, eggs, grass-fed beef, cucumbers or microgreens they have available that week. Customers pay a small annual fee to shop online. Then, once a week, market manager Keveney Bair and her team work with the farmers to fulfill the orders and deliver them to a pick-up location in Charleston. In doing so, the association connects 20 farms to more than 100 individuals and restaurants, including the Bluegrass Kitchen, Lola’s Pizza, Tricky Fish and Bridge Road Bistro.

“There’s a high quality and freshness to the items. The items are harvested the day before. That is very different than something that has traveled across the country,” Bair said. The market’s customers are young families and professionals who enjoy cooking and food. The market gets referrals through word of mouth, friends of friends. Meanwhile, the profits go directly to the farmers.

Farm Fresh Orders Online
A Bluegrass Kitchen special made with Monroe County produce: roasted local spaghetti squash filled with Israeli couscous, stewed tomatoes, and red pepper coulis with local micro greens.

Each year, the market hosts several producer meetings where they talk about the marketplace. Bair said the member farms collaborate and make sure they have enough production of the specialty items that proved popular. They work with the county extension agent and share information about extending the season by using high tunnels, unheated greenhouses made of PVC pipe arches and plastic sheeting.

“Wild and wonderful is very true about Monroe Country,” Bair said. “I like helping to provide a source of income for the family farms and we think it’s important that restaurants start using more local foods. A lot more care goes into the food grown on a small farm – it’s a good direction for everyone and I enjoy being part of that.”
Paden City - Recycled Glass: Marble King
Marble King Incorporated manufactures a million glass marbles each day.

“About 95 percent of the marbles are being made with recycled glass. We’re saving at least four-and-a-half tons of glass each day from the landfill, including waste glass from Fenton Art Glass and Blenko Glass,” explained Marble King’s President and CEO Beri Fox.

West Virginia marbles are exported to 17 countries, worldwide. Learn more about Marble King.