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American Civil War 150th Anniversary Tour

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This year marks the 150th anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. The harrowing battle raged for four years, pitting brother against brother at the cost of more than 600,000 lives. Out of the war, however, a new state was born, and the only one created as a direct result of the war – West Virginia.

“West Virginia is rich in Civil War heritage. History buffs will find much to interest them here,” said Betty Carver, commissioner of the West Virginia Division of Tourism. “For instance, the First Campaign of the war was waged in West Virginia. The state’s Civil War-era towns, battlefields and cemeteries are a hugely popular itinerary for driving tours.”

Whether you’re a scholar, a historian, or just someone who’s interested, commemorate this monumental anniversary with a walk or drive through history.

Places to see, things to do Places to see, things to do
Imagine the cries of battle and the sounds of cannons. Visit several places in West Virginia that played significant roles in the Civil War, and learn more about the state’s earliest beginnings.
Civil War Trails Civil War Trails
Take a driving tour of the battlefields where brother fought against brother and hundreds of lives were lost.
Civil War Firsts Civil War Firsts
The First Campaign led to many Civil War “firsts,” including the first battle, first amputee, first general killed and first use of telegraph in the war.