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Civil War Firsts

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Civil War Firsts

Civil War Firsts

The First Campaign led to many Civil War “firsts,” including the first battle, first amputee, first general killed and first use of telegraph in the war.

First Campaign of the Civil War:
Began May 27, 1861

First trains used to carry soldiers into battle on American soil:
May 1861

First officer killed:
Robert S. Garnett, C.S.A. – July 13, 1861 (Corricks Ford - Parsons)

First enlisted man in United States service killed by Confederate Soldier:
T. Bailey Brown – May 22, 1861 (Buried at Grafton National Cemetery)

First amputation of the Civil War:
James E. Hanger – June 3, 1861

First land battle of the Civil War:
Philippi – June 3, 1861

First Union government restored in a Confederate state:
Wheeling – June 20, 1863

First time Robert E. Lee leads troops into battle as a commanding general:
Sept. 1861

First use of telegraph by an American army in the field:
June 1861

First Federal officer wounded by a Confederate:
Colonel Benjamin Kelley – June 3, 1861

First use of indirect firing method:
Fayetteville, WV – May 1863

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