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Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program

Governor's Guaranteed Work Force Program 

Launched in 1991, the Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program (GGWFP) provides new and expanding businesses with technical and financial assistance to train, retrain or upgrade the skills of their employees.

The program emphasizes employee training designed to accommodate the needs of individual employers. To achieve this, the GGWFP works closely with education and industry to provide the most advanced knowledge possible to the state’s employees.

In fiscal year 2012, the GGWFP enabled 10,530 workers to receive training. The state provided $3,483,365 to improve the quality of our workforce. Participating companies invested $14,758,000 in cash and in-kind contributions.

The program has helped companies such as Azimuth, located in Morgantown, and Renick Millworks, located in Renick, stay competitive.

Craig Hartzell, President, AZIMUTH, INC.

“The workforce in the state of West Virginia is a secret weapon. That is the one major reason we have been so successful.”

Craig Hartzell, President Azimuth Inc. 

“We converted to 3-D computer-assisted drafting years ago, ” said Azimuth CEO Craig Hartzell. “We requested assistance with the cost of software and the training. That allowed us to make the decision to go to the higher end design approach — ahead of our competitors.”

The program helped Renick Millworks CEO Jay Petre access training grants to take his employees to the National Hardwood Flooring School in St. Louis, Mo. There, they learned advanced hardwood flooring techniques, including strict installation and moisture control parameters.

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