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A High-Tech Tale of Two Cities

A High-Tech Tale of Two Cities

By Hoy Murphy

If technology is making the world smaller by allowing instant communications from nearly anywhere, it’s also expanding the world by allowing people to live and work where they like. It’s no longer necessary to live in metropolitan areas in order to work in fields that create and develop high technology. In recent years, many people are choosing to live in areas that are less urban, less crowded, and less stressful. West Virginia has become successful in attracting many young innovators and entrepreneurs, what have been called “The Creative Class,” who are interested in developing high-tech innovations while enjoying a lower-stress lifestyle. Two communities that provide examples of this change are Fairmont and Huntington.

“Research continues to bring us new technology in health sciences/ biotechnology, information technology, advanced energy, etc.,” said David Lieving of the West Virginia Development Office. “The foundation of all this is our research universities and their ability to develop effective partnerships with government and the private sector. This is an area we need to support with more resources if we are to stay competitive by keeping our best and brightest here and attracting others to live and work in West Virginia."

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