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The Comeback Cracker

The Comeback Cracker: A game-changer for West Virginia's economy
By Courtney Sisk

It’s been called a game-changer for West Virginia’s economy, and now the dream of bringing good jobs to hundreds of state residents is close to becoming reality.

The Comeback CrackerThe Comeback Cracker
Shell recently announced it is planning to locate an ethane cracker plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Just 12 miles from the border, it will make for an easy commute for the West Virginians expected to work at the hundreds of jobs the... Read more

now hiringNow Hiring: Chemical Plant Operators
Once a cracker is built in the region, West Virginia will be positioned to attract additional manufacturers and plastic converters that will create thousands of jobs over many generations. The opportunity for wealth... Read more

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Caiman Energy Adds Capacity in WV Caiman Energy LLC
Caiman Energy has invested $500 million in Marshall and Wetzel counties, building pipelines and expanding its cryogenic processing and de-ethanization complexes at Fort Beeler and Taylor and its fractionation facilities near Moundsville, W.Va. With an additional 210 million cubic feet per day coming online by the end of the summer, the company expects fractionation capacity to reach 42,500 barrels per day by October 2012.

Jack Lafield, President & CEO Caiman Energy LLC
"West Virginia is an energy state worth investing in. They've set clear rules and built a strong, stable business Climate.”

– Jack Lafield, President & CEO Caiman Energy LLC