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Modern Life Made Possible

Modern Life Made Possible

By Kim Harbour

From nylon to polyester… automobile seats, antifreeze, and synthetic rubber tires… from shampoos to non-stick pans – and hundreds of ingredients for household products, garden chemicals and plastics that shape our modern life… … All of these products had their basis in chemicals invented or manufactured in West Virginia.

Modern Life Made Possible
South Charleston has been portrayed as a place where innovation in the chemical industry takes place – where things happened for the first time... Read more 

The Birth of Petrochemicals
Salt was West Virginia’s first coveted mineral. Near present-day Malden, W.Va., salt solutions naturally flowed... Read more 

West Virginia Knows Chemicals
Kevin DiGregorio rattles off the state’s advantages by heart: “West Virginia has a great, traditional workforce of more than 12,500 chemical workers. After coal, chemicals are our... Read more

An Innovation Factory for a New Generation
Kureha is only one of many new innovative polymer or chemical companies coming online. Another is Aither Chemicals, LLC, a spinout MATRIC venture... Read more

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