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State Tree Nursery Selling Seedlings

Clements State Tree Nursery

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Clements State Tree Nursery is in Mason County along the Ohio River. Bare-root seedlings have been produced here for almost 50 years.


West Virginia Division of Forestry
Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor
Randy Dye, Director/State Forester

Regional Offices
Farmington 304.825.6983
Beckley 304.256.6775
Milton 304.743.6186


Leslie Fitzwater
Public Information Specialist
304.957.9342 or

State Tree Nursery Selling Seedlings
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West Columbia, W.Va. – Although several species of conifers and hardwoods have sold out at Clements State Tree Nursery, there are plenty of species left to choose from.

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History is Alive and Growing at Clements State Tree Nursery

West Columbia, W.Va. – History is often relegated to books, movies or museums, but at Clements State Tree Nursery in West Columbia, W.Va., America’s history is represented through living, growing trees.

The nursery, which sits 11 miles north of Point Pleasant, is named for the family of one of America’s greatest authors and humorists, Mark Twain. Twain’s grandparents...

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Facts about Clements State Tree Nursery


  • Clements State Tree Nursery is owned and operated by the West Virginia Division of Forestry. It is the state’s only forest tree nursery.
  • The nursery grows forest trees - both native and introduced species that are proven to grow and prosper in West Virginia’s forests.
  • Reasons to plant seedlings include erosion control, shade, shelter, wind barriers and wildlife habitat.
  • And more...


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