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Genuine WV Getaway Giveaway

During the recent Getaway Giveaway, new friends of WV Commerce's Facebook page told us what they liked about the state. Here are some of their comments.

"Friendly, polite, people and always something fun to do outdoors." -- AJ, Tunnelton, WV 

“West Virginian's are easy-going and friendly!” -- Alice, Morgantown, WV

“The mountains.” -- Alma, McAllen, TX

“I love the trees and feeling at home everywhere I go!” -- Amanda, Wallace, WV

“I love West Virginia for its beautiful mountain tops!” -- Amanda, Henrico, VA


"I love the natural beauty, the beautiful people and the fun of exploring all that WV has to offer!" -- Amy, Winfield, WV

“The people!” -- Andrea, Chesapeake, VA

“I live in Pocahontas County the heart and soul of small town USA. Friendly people that have lived in these mountains for generations. WV is a state unlike any other state in the US our mountainous beauty is reflected in our people’s generous and beautiful souls that are always there for their friends and neighbors. We know no strangers for once we say hello you are a friend. That is the beauty of WV.” -- Angelena, Marlinton, WV

"West Virginia is everything I need - good company, beautiful surroundings, and interesting things to do. I love it!" -- Anne, Charleston, WV

“I love WV because we get to experience every season during the year!” -- April, St. Albans, WV

“Great for outdoor adventure activities! Love tubing and skiing!" -- Austin, Stevensville, MD

“I remember my childhood trips down to WV and the incredible times I spent with my family there.” -- Becca, Berkeley, CA

“The people are as great as the scenery." -- Bethany, Oklahoma City, OK

“I love the rolling hills and the low hanging morning fog. The colors of all the seasons. I don't think any other place is as beautiful as West Virginia." -- Billy, Cheyenne, WY

“Interstate 77 South." -- Bobby, Rainelle, WV

“WV is the prettiest state with the friendliest people ever." -- Bonnie, Hurricane, WV

“Scenery." -- Brad, Commiskey, IN

"I love the mountains, the great roads, the small towns, but most of all I love the friendly people." – Brett, Meadville, PA

“Everyone is so nice there.” -- Brian, Romulus, MI

“I love West Virginia's history and the beauty of the mountains.” -- Brian, Morgantown, WV

“The beauty of the mountains and wide open spaces,” -- C., Kissimmee, FL

“West Virginia is a very beautiful state.” -- Candice, Durbin, WV

"I love West Virginia because it just feels safe! WV is beautiful, friendly, and just an awesome place to live, work and play." -- Carla, Belington, WV

“Everything. WV is a great state to live in.” -- Charles, Parkersburg, WV

"I love the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, since we don't have them in Florida!” -- Cheryl, Tampa, FL

“I love the beautiful mountains and valleys.” -- Cheryl, Charleston, WV

"I was born in West Virginia, it was a blessing. I met my husband here, had two children here, IT’S MY HOMETOWN. Love the mountains and streams. Almost like Heaven!" -- Cheryl, Charleston, WV

“Love fishing here!” -- Chris, Covington, VA

“West Virginia beauty is unsurpassed,” Connie, Winfield, WV

“The people! I married into a family from West Virginia!” -- Courtney, Union Beach, NJ

"Beauty, and West Virginia University Football" -- Craig, Elkins, WV

“I love WV because there are thousands of adventures awaiting me in my own back yard!” -- Crystal, Mineral Wells, WV

“The Mountains!” -- Crystal, Wright City, MO

“I just love everything about West Virginia.” -- Dana, Novato, CA

“I Love Everything About WV. It Is One Of The Most Beautiful States There Is!” -- David, Franklin, NC

“We love the country atmosphere and outdoor activities. We retired here from Florida. We have made wonderful friends here and feel blessed being here.” – David, Franklin, WV

“I met my wife here.” -- David, Walton, WV

“I love the friendliness of the people of West Virginia. It took me 49 years to come back home to West Virginia. I would not want to live anywhere else.” -- Delma, Beckley, WV

“So many things to do and see.” -- Denetra, Bay City, TX

“FAMILY!” – Diana, Elbert, WV

“The history.” -- Diane, Coon Rapids, MN

“The amazing beauty of the state and the friendliness of the people who live and work here. West Virginia rocks!” -- Dianna, Lookout, WV

“The beautiful Mountains! And Wildlife!” -- Don, Hopewell, VA

“I love the beauty of the mountains. They are breath taking!” -- Donja, Massillon, OH

“It truly is almost heaven,” -- Douglas, Charleston, WV

"My family originally hailed from Kellysville. Every time I see a picture of those beautiful mountains, rivers and gorges I start singing John Denver songs." -- Douglas, Georgetown, TX

“I love all the rich history in West Virginia! I also love that it is the filming location of Super 8!” -- Dustin, Chandler, AZ

“I love the country (Country’s) roots!” -- Eddie, Ephrata, WA

“I love living in WV!” -- Elise, Follansbee, WV

“The trees and animals.” -- Erica, Parkersburg, WV

“Gosh! There is so much I could say about why I love WV. I would have to say the beauty and history in every corner of this state is my top reasons. I can't get enough of WV!” -- Erika, Titusville, FL

“We are proud to be the Mountaineers!” -- Erin, Princeton, WV

“WV is a beautiful state. It is Wild and Wonderful. Real people live in WV.” -- Eva, Gauley Bridge, WV

"I love the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, and the friendly people!" -- Evelyn, Stevensville, MD

“It's home.” -- G.E., Point Pleasant, WV

“Beautiful scenery.” --Gary, Menifee, CA

“Beautiful mountains.” -- George, Rockville, MD

“I love the mountains and scenic views. Can't wait to visit New River Gorge this summer!” -- Gina, Cumberland, MD

“It's my home state. It is beautiful and the people are friendly. It's a wonderful place to live!” -- Gloria, Bud, WV

“Beautiful scenery.” -- Helen, Riverside, CA

“The majestic and grand WV hills!” -- Jack, Rockville, MD

“The people,” Jacqueline, Camden, WV

“The wonderful views!” -- Jason, Mt. Nebo, WV

“Distinct changes in seasons.” -- Jason, Winfield, WV

“I love the abundance of outdoor activities.” -- Jason, Friendly, WV

“My sister was born there.” -- Jean, Skokie, IL

“West Virginia has some real fine folks living here. Very friendly and helpful. Great neighbors.” -- Jeanette, Charles Town, WV

“Nice People!” -- Jeanne, Omaha, NE

"I love the mountains, down home feel wherever you go and all the nice people. I am and will always be a country girl and I’m proud to say that us because I was born and raised in WV. You couldn’t ask for a better place to live or better people." -- Jennifer, Kermit, WV

“I love the beautiful mountains.” -- Jennifer, Martinsburg, WV

"West Virginia has something for everyone. From WVU attracting students from around the world, to pepperoni rolls (which I take with me whenever I visit friends out of state), there's a little West Virginia in most everyone!" -- Jennifer, Terra Alta, WV

“I have lived here my entire life and I am continually amazed by the amount of places to visit and explore. Many of which are free to visit and take part in. WV is truly a beautiful place.” -- Jeremy, Nettie, WV

“Great getaway fishing areas! -- Jerry, Liberty, KY

“It’s a beautiful scenic place.” -- Jessica, Martinsburg, WV

“The history.” -- John, Church Point, LA

“The beautiful scenery is breathtaking! Thanks!” -- John, West Palm Beach, FL

“Beautiful mountains.” -- John, Sandyville, WV

"We loved going to Huntington, visiting Marshall University and all the memorials for the team and supporters of the 1970 crash. We have also enjoyed white water rafting. My grandson is a proud graduate of West Virginia Wesleyan." -- Jonathan, Ravenna, OH 

"West Virginia is the most beautiful state I have ever seen, the mountain range to the leaves changing with the seasons." -- Jonathan, Lesage, WV

“It's cheap to live here.” -- Joseph, Weirton, WV

"I've always lived in West Virginia and think it's the most beautiful state in the US! It will always be home, and I'll always be proud to be a West Virginia girl!" -- Joyce, Pineville, WV

“I love that there is so much to do in the state where I was born and raised. Love to be wild and wonderful in West Virginia!” -- Judith, Sutton, WV

“It’s a little slice of heaven.” -- Karen, New Cumberland, WV

“West Virginia is my home. No matter where I may end up it always will be.” -- Karen, Arbovale, WV

"No matter what your interest, there's something for everyone to enjoy!" -- Katherine, New London, CT

“The natural beauty. I don’t think people realize just how lovely West Virginia truly is!” -- Kathryn, Knoxville, TN

“I love the difference in the four Seasons that we are able to experience in West Virginia.” -- Kathy, Buckhannon, WV

"Geocaching, Waterfalls, Snow Skiing, Mountains.” -- Keith, White Marsh, VA

“I love West Virginia for their Fantastic Golf Courses and Historical sites.” -- Kermit, Kenmore, NY

“The culture is so rich!” – Kim, San Francisco, CA

"I was born in WV and spent my life here until I graduated from College, also in WV - Marshall. I left when I married and both of us have spent the last 30 years trying to find a way to return. The people and community that is WV is welcoming and inviting to not only returning WV natives but to transplants as well." -- Kimberly, Huntington, WV

"Everything!" -- Kreg, Newport News, VA

"WV is the USA's best kept secret! Whether traveling here or living here, it truly is a great place to be. Between our parks & our people, the Mountain State makes a person feel at home." -- Kristi, Charleston, WV

“The mountains!” -- Kristin, Harvest, AL

“I love that there’s still nature to explore and the nicest people around.” -- Lance, Warwick, RI

“I would love to go to West Virginia to visit the Blenko factory!” -- Laurie, Jackson, NJ

"Great scenery, great people, and a great place to live!" -- Leslie, Chester, WV

"Whenever we visit our daughters in another state we always say it is nice to visit the state, but just give me West Virginia!" -- Linda, Elizabeth, WV

“WV is a canvas of colors and shapes that could have only been thought of by God himself.” -- Lonnie, St. Albans, WV

“The beauty of our state -- in nature and in its people.” -- Lynn, Craigsville, WV

“The beautiful scenery!” -- LyzaJo, Waukesha, WI

“The opportunity for affordable weekend vacations!” -- Madonna, Rock Cave, WV

“West Virginia is a beautiful place to live and enjoy life.” -- Marci, Owings, MD

“I love West Virginia because there are endless opportunities in the Mountains that God created!” -- Margaret, Peterstown, WV

“It's such a beautiful state with so many things to do. Thank you!” -- Marilyn, Grand Rapids, MI

“I love the gorgeous scenery!” -- Mark, Hayward, CA

"What's not to love about WV?! There's hiking, kayaking, skiing, white-water rafting, fishing, ghost stories, rich history, small towns, the people, etc. I love WV!" -- Marlene, Fairmont, WV

“I love seeing evidence of WV history and hard working and kind people.” -- Martha, Parkersburg, WV

“Beautiful scenery and friendly people.” -- Mary Ann, Menifee, CA

"I love our majestic mountains, the breath taking fall colors, the best white water rafting around, and Homer Laughlin China Company in Newell, WV. West Virginia is FABULOUS & WONDERFUL!" -- Mary Anne, New Cumberland, WV

"WV is a beautiful state. Our mountains are wonder of their own. West Virginia is a family state, not to mention a friendly state. A great vacation state. I have always lived in WV and wouldn’t live anywhere else." -- Mary, Princeton, WV

“I love West Virginia because of its' beauty and the people are among the friendliest anywhere.” -- Mary, Poca, WV

“I love the West Virginia mountains and watching bridge day at the New River!” -- Mary, Charleston, WV

“I love how beautiful WV is!” -- Matthew, Somerset, NJ

"I am tracing my family background. I met my relatives, who live in Harrison County, WV." -- Mia, Bedford, OH

"The mountains of WV are incredible! I especially love Summersville, the scenery is amazing, plus I have met some of the nicest people!" -- Michele Cincinnati, OH

“The hometown feel.” -- Michelle, Stow, OH

“The people!” -- Michelle, Ravenswood, WV

“Everything!” -- Michelle, Craigsville, WV

"It's a beautiful state! I love the mountains of West Virginia, and the history." -- Mike, Stevensville, MD

“West Virginia is Wild!” -- Monique, FORT MYERS, FL

"I love our state parks for their scenic beauty, connection to our history, and great family fun and adventure." -- Monty, Spring Dale, WV

“The West Virginia Hills!” -- Nancy, Parkersburg, WV

“The people are friendly.” -- Natalie, Gap Mills, WV

"EVERYTHING! The hills and mountains, the friendly people, the changing seasons, lots of trees, clean water, beautiful sunsets." -- Nel, Left Hand, WV

“From the vibrant Spring and Fall colors to the warm Summers and the first snow of Winter. WV is Four Season Country at its best!” -- Nikki, Frankford, WV

“Everything!” -- Paul, Huntington, WV

“I love the rock walls!” -- Pamela, Boardman, OH

"I love everything about WV. The beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys and the short distance it is to a great get-away to a beautiful state park." -- Pat, Hurricane, WV

"I was born in Greenbrier County City, Alderson West Virginia!" -- Patsy, Trenton, NJ

“West Virginia should be a NATIONAL park it is so beautiful!” -- Paul, Huntington, WV

“The beautiful scenery. I came here from the city. A nice place to raise your kids and retire here then just watch the beautiful scenery of the seasons.” -- Peggy, Summersville, WV

“The beautiful people: i.e. my boyfriend!“ -- RANDI, NEWPORT, MI

“The wild wonderful mountains. There’s nothing like them!” -- Rebecca, Matheny, WV

"The beautiful rivers, and the fall foliage on the mountains." -- Renee, medina, OH

“I moved to West Virginia a little over a year ago and am still exploring all the different recreation activities.” -- Rita, Weirton, WV

“I love your trees!” -- Rita, Fargo, ND

“Our beautiful sunsets!” -- Rob, Buckhannon, WV

“I love West Virginia because of the fantastic people that live there. I listen to ''Country Roads'' EVERY DAY.” – Robert, Yuma, AZ

“Hiking!” -- Rochelle, Cranbury, NJ

“The whole state,” -- Russell, Charlottesville, VA

“I love this Mountain State.” -- Samantha, Wileyville, WV

“I love the peace and quiet!” -- Sarah, New Cumberland, WV

"What I love most about West Virginia is the beautiful mountains, streams and wildlife." -- Scott, Gilbert, WV

"It's beautiful, great for hunting/fishing, great place to raise kids, what's not to love!" -- Shari, Washington, WV


"I love West Virginia because no matter how long or short it is, every time I go back, I am ‘home.’" -- Sharon, Hermitage, TN

“West Virginia mountains.” -- Sheila, Brenton, WV

“I will be moving to West Virginia soon and I can't wait! It is absolutely beautiful there. I have done a lot of research and I'm looking forward to living there and enjoying life there.” -- Shelley, Warsaw, KY

"The people are friendly and down to earth. Where else can you live where the landscape varies so much from mountains, valleys and rolling fields? We have it all!" -- Shelly, Hinton, WV

"I grew up in West Virginia, and there is nowhere else I'd want to live!" -- Shirley, Terra Alta, WV

“I love our hills! We have a beautiful state!” -- Stephanie, Paden City, WV

"I moved from new York , to live here in West Virginia, weather better and the people are much much nicer! Thank you!" -- Tammy, South Point, OH


“The beautiful scenery.” -- Tara, Mabscott, WV

“Being from WV has helped me get a job because West Virginians have a reputation of working hard and being honest,” -- Terri, Parkersburg, WV

“I love WV because of the people and the best places to vacation.” -- Thomas, Charleston, WV

"I grew up in WV, and I love how friendly everyone is." -- Thomas, Indiana, PA

“I love the scenery and the comfortable atmosphere! The peace and trees is a plus as well!” -- Tia Edwards, Cleveland, OH

“THE FOOD!” -- Tina, Rochester, NY

“Love how everyone always comes together as neighbors.” -- Tony, South Charleston, WV

“The great outdoors!” -- Trent, Spring, TX

"Mountains, skiing, and hunting!" – Troy, Bronson, FL

"Never have been, but love looking it up on the internet all the time, it's almost one of the places I would like to retire to." -- Vicki, Clarksville, NH

“West Virginia has year round beauty and a variety of entertainment and outdoor sports.” -- Vickie, Proctorville, OH

"The beautiful snow covered mountains, the lakes and the deer." -- Vivian, Charleston, WV

"Best state to enjoy the outdoors no matter if your fly fishing, hiking, geocaching, or camping it truly is almost heaven!" -- Zach, Reader, WV