West Virginia Department of Commerce WV Commerce Directors

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WV Commerce Directors

Division of Forestry
Barry L. Cook, Director, State Forester
Chelsea A. Ruby
Tourism Office
Chelsea A. Ruby, Director
304-558-2200 | Chelsea.A.Ruby@wv.gov
Dr. Michael Hohn
Geological & Economic Survey
Dr. Michael Hohn, Director
304-594-2331 | hohn@geosrv.wvnet.edu
Russell Fry
WORKFORCE West Virginia
Russell Fry, Interim Director
304-558-7024 | Russell.L.Fry@wv.gov
Eugene E. White
Miners Health Safety & Training
Greg Norman, Director
304-558-1425 |Greg.J.Norman@wv.gov
Division of Labor
Mitch Woodrum, Commissioner
304-558-7890 | Mitch.E.Woodrum@wv.gov
Division of Natural Resources
Stephen McDaniel, Director
304-558-2754 | Stephen.S.McDaniel@wv.gov