West Virginia Department of Commerce West Virginia Division of Tourism - Partnerships and Associations

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West Virginia Division of Tourism - Partnerships and Associations

West Virginia Tourism

Partnerships and Industry Associations

U.S. Travel Association (Formerly TIA) 
    Discover America Web site 
    PowWow International Marketplace

Appalachian Regional Commission 
    Collaborative Tourism Promotion Board 

American Bus Association 
    Marketplace for Tour Operators

U.S. Dept. of Commerce 
    Cultural & Heritage Tourism Marketing Council

National Tour Association 
    Tour Operator Marketplace

National Motorcoach Network

Supplier Marketplace

Southeast Tourism Society: 
    Co-op advertising 
    Web site 
    Top 20 Events

Southeast Tour and Travel Research Association: 
    Benchmarking, best practices, trends

Travel South USA: 
    Showcase group tour Marketplace 
    Co-op advertising 
    Web site 
    Travel shows

Mid-Atlantic Tourism Public Relations Alliance 
    Travel writers’ marketplace

Hatfield-McCoy Trails

Commerce Agencies

Virginia Motorcoach Association 
    Group tour Marketplace

Maryland Motorcoach Association 
    Group tour Marketplace

Pennsylvania Bus Association 
    Group tour Marketplace

West Virginia Society

Coal Heritage Trail Association

National Coal Heritage Area

WV State University Tourism Education Program

WV University Extension Service

WV Society of Association Executives

Civil War Task Force

WVPRO (WV Professional Rafting Outfitters)

Whitewater Commission

Department of Agriculture

Division of Culture and History

Department of Education

WV HEAT program

Department of Transportation

Civil War Sesquicentennial

Mountain Bike Association

4Cs Tourism Development Collaboration

Convention & Visitors Bureau Association /Individual CVBs