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West Virginia Department of Commerce

The West Virginia Department of Commerce was established in its present form in the 2005 Special Session of the West Virginia Legislature (SB 1002).

Previously, the office had been called the Bureau of Commerce. The 2005 reorganization renamed the office, consolidated additional agencies under the department, and created the cabinet-level position of Secretary of Commerce, who is the chief executive officer of the department.

The department includes the following agencies:

Our Mission

The overall mission of the Department of Commerce is to promote and preserve the well-being of the citizens of West Virginia by providing a cooperative interagency system that stimulates diverse economic growth and increased employment opportunities for all West Virginians, encourages the appropriate use of our state’s abundant natural resources, improves the safety and productivity of our work force, and promotes the beauty and desirability of our state as a world-class tourism destination.

Performance Measures

The Department’s internal performance measures and self-assessment systems consist of the following:

Budget Coordination - The Department coordinates and approves the budget requests of all its agencies, including all improvement packages. In this process budget requests are compared against the successful management of the agency, as well as the prioritization of policy initiatives. This permits the limited staff resources at Commerce to be focused effectively upon the most appropriate use of state revenues.

Employment Activities - The Department reviews and approves the hiring of all employees in each of its agencies. This permits the Department to work with its agencies in providing for the best use of employee resources and ensuring that budget and management guidelines are met.

Weekly Reports - The Department receives a weekly written report from each division director. These reports update the Department on the ongoing operations of each division, including whether and how a division is addressing any particular problem or priority matter.

Marketing and Communications Assessment - Through its newly created Marketing and Communications Office, the Department coordinates and facilitates the media activities of all its agencies, including print, TV and Internet exposure. This is done in conjunction with the Governor’s Office so that the public, as well as other branches of government, are provided with accurate and consistent information. In order to highlight the joint economic impact of its agencies and provide the most effective use of budgeted funds, the Department places a particular emphasis on interagency cooperation in its marketing efforts.

H. Wood Thrasher
H. Wood Thrasher
Cabinet Secretary

Joshua L. Jarrell
Joshua L. Jarrell
Deputy Secretary/Legal Counsel