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energy from coal

Energy from coal

West Virginia, with substantial quality coal reserves, abundant water, an established energy infrastructure and trained work force, is in a position to capitalize economically on advanced coal technology such as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Coal, via proven technologies, can also be used in liquid and gas form:
  • West Virginia coal-to-liquids facilities could provide up to 13 million barrels of fuel annually
  • Coal gasification can supply pipeline-quality gas for chemical feedstock purposes or transportation fuel

West Virginia is committed to:
  • Partnering with industry to establish a polygeneration plant (liquids, gases and electricity)
  • Identifying locations for advanced coal plants and carbon sequestration opportunities
  • Facilitating the production and sale of pipeline gas or transportation fuel produced from coal
  • Establishing state carbon sequestration procedures and guidelines
  • Promoting state-of-the-art pollution abatement/management technology as a component of coal-based energy projects