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BPI Certification

Energy Building Codes

Information provided by Building Performance Institute, Inc.

BPI-certified professionals are highly skilled experts on the front-lines of the home performance industry.

BPI's credentialing program identifies individual excellence in house-as-a-system evaluation, diagnostics and installation. Stringent technical standards and requirements mean that BPI-certified professionals are in demand – from homeowners, state and utility energy efficiency incentive programs and weatherization assistance programs.

The rewards are great. Not only do certified professionals enjoy increased employment opportunities, they also play an integral role in reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil and improving the comfort, safety, durability and energy efficiency of existing housing.

Get qualified. Earn more

There are 130 million existing homes in America, and many were built before modern energy codes were established. For many homeowners and tenants, energy bills account for far too much of the monthly budget.

These are problems that product rebate programs, non-certified contractors or the best homeowner cannot solve. Sometimes, they can do more harm than good by inadvertently creating problems with mold, moisture, ice damming, poor indoor air quality and even combustion appliance back-drafting.

Info for Professionals

BPI-certified professionals are individuals who have been trained to meet these problems head-on. They have proven their skills, meeting their stringent, nationally recognized standards by passing both written and field examinations. When you make the grade, you join one of the fastest-growing segments of the green-collar professional workforce and qualify for a sustainable career that cannot be exported.

Many state, local and utility energy efficiency programs use the services of BPI-certified professionals, because they know they will get quality work with a good return on investment. In fact, the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program from the Department of Energy (DOE) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites BPI or equivalent for individual certification.

That means BPI-certified professionals are in huge demand right now. And because BPI credentials are recognized across the country, your certification is portable, allowing you to work throughout your state or the nation. BPI's tried and tested standards for home performance work using the house-as-a-system approach allow you to prioritize repairs and provide customers with a forecast of their return on investment through energy savings. You’ll be able to trace problems to their root causes, prescribe real solutions and get the job done right – the first time.