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Energy Codes

Energy Code

In West Virginia, the Division of Energy advances energy efficiency.  Building energy codes represent a baseline standard for new construction and upgrades of residential and commercial buildings. 

Energy codes allow for a prescriptive path, which is baseline criteria for the windows, doors and insulation, as well as for a performance path, which allows a building designer to improve the energy efficiency of one component of a building to allow for a special circumstance.  An example might be adding insulation to a building envelope to allow for bigger windows.  The performance path must be documented using computer software. 

Energy efficiency improvements
are most cost-effective during a building’s construction. You can also realize significant energy savings if you make changes to your existing buildings.

Energy Code training

Energy Code training
Training opportunities around the state.

Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network
Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network
Constructing and renovating commercial and residential buildings can mean reduced energy bills.
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Cities and Counties that have adopted the state building codes, which contains energy codes for residential and commercial buildings.

Cities and Counties that have adopted the building energy codes
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