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As a first step in finding a job in West Virginia, enroll with WorkForce West Virginia. WorkForce West Virginia has the largest online database of job seekers and jobs in the state. It takes a few minutes to enroll with WorkForce West Virginia, and enrollment guarantees you will have one-on-one assistance with your job search in our state.

Eligible veterans are entitled to priority services, as state and federal law mandates that qualified veterans receive priority in all employment and training programs including:
  • Referral to jobs and job training programs
  • Counseling, testing and job development assistance
  • Eligibility determination for tax credit programs
  • Assistance in filing complaints related to:
    • Federal contractors regarding affirmative action for qualified veterans
    • Federal agency hiring practices related to veteran preference
    • Uniformed Service Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA), including rights of national guard and reserve members.
If you have served full-time in the U.S. military, including as a member of a national guard or reserve unit called to active duty under Title 10; have a service-connected disability; or are the spouse of a service member missing in action, captured in line of duty or the spouse of a veteran with a 100 percent service-connected disability or who died while such disability was in existence, you may be entitled to receive priority services.

WorkForce West Virginia gives you access to the largest online database of jobs in the state, helps you organize your work experience and job preference, and  lets you update your experience and job search as often as you want.

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