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for Unemployment Compensation Accounts

State law mandates that employers be in compliance with the Unemployment Compensation provisions before other government agencies can issue or re‐new most licenses or permits. Examples include contractor’s licenses, business registration certificates, liquor and lottery retail sales licenses, timbering permits, and many other specialties licenses and permits.

Many agencies have computer access to verify that employer accounts do not appear on the Unemployment Compensation default database at the time license or permit applications are submitted; only those accounts currently not in good standing will appear on that database. Those agencies will not know why your account appears on the default database, so you will have to contact the Unemployment Compensation Division to resolve the problem with your account. If your license or permit is denied, the licensing agency will notify you and provide you with a contact number to call to see why the account is not in good standing. Unemployment Compensation staff will explain what must be done to bring your account into compliance. After you resolve the issues with your account, Unemployment Compensation staff will issue a “certificate of good standing” directly to the other agency. If you want, a copy of that certificate will be provided to you as well.

To receive a certificate of good standing, you must be registered with Unemployment Compensation and your account must be in good standing. All reports previously due must have been filed, and ALL monies due based on those reports, including any interest and/or penalties assessed for paying the taxes late, must have been paid. To get a certificate, contact the Compliance and Enforcement Unit by calling 304‐558‐2451 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, or by emailing

Be prepared to provide your unemployment compensation employer account number and the name of the agency you are working with to get a license or permit. If emailing, please provide a phone number for us to call you if there is a problem or if we need more information. If you do not have a current active West Virginia Unemployment Compensation account, the unemployment compensation staff will provide you with other instructions to follow in order to satisfy the unemployment compensation provisions and get a certificate of good standing for the other agency.