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Direct Deposit FAQ's

After I enroll for direct deposit, can I throw away my debit card?

No. Even if you select direct deposit as your payment method, you must keep your debit card through its expiration date and for the duration of your current or future Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit claim. If your original benefit year expires and you must file a new UI benefit claim, you will not receive a new debit card unless you contact Chase Customer Service at 1-877-863-2564 and request a replacement card.

When can I select direct deposit as my payment method?

Within seven days of filing your initial claim for UI benefits, you will receive your monetary determination; at that point you may sign up for direct deposit. If you have an existing claim in which you are already receiving payment, you may register at any time.

NOTE: The debit card is the default method of paying UI benefits. You received a debit card automatically in the mail after filing an initial UI claim. UI benefit payments are deposited to your debit card unless you are enrolled in direct deposit.

How do I select direct deposit as my payment method?

You can only select/register for direct deposit on-line through our web site. Visit and select the “To enroll in Direct Deposit” option. You will self-enroll by entering your bank information; WorkForce West Virginia staff will not assist with entering your bank information. If you need access to a computer, your local unemployment office can provide one. New enrollments that are completed after 4:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) will not be processed until the next business day.

Is there an authorization required to register for direct deposit?

Yes. You must acknowledge the Department of Commerce Privacy notice and agree to authorize the UI Program to route UI benefits to your selected bank account as follows:

By clicking the I Agree button on the Notice to Users page, “I accept full responsibility for my decision regarding my preference for payment method, and for correctly entering my bank account number, account type, and routing number. I understand that entering erroneous or false information may result in not receiving payment for my benefits. I knowingly accept full responsibility for providing the correct information required and agree to hold WorkForce West Virginia harmless from any and all claims that may arise from my actions.”

What information is required to log on to register for direct deposit?

To log on, you must enter your social security number and 4-digit PIN. Your account locks after three incorrect entries of a social security number or PIN. The system will remain locked for 30 minutes. If you have forgotten your PIN or need to select one because you are filing with Low Earnings Reports, you must contact your local unemployment office.

What bank account information must I enter for direct deposit?

When entering your bank account information for direct deposit, you must:

  • Enter the bank name as it appears on documents from the bank (e.g., monthly statement or checks).
  • Enter the bank transit routing number.
  • Enter the account number for the selected checking or savings account.
  • Select checking or savings account.

You must enter the bank transit routing number and account number twice. You cannot cut and paste this information.

Review and confirm your selection after entering bank account information. WorkForce does not verify or confirm the information prior to payment.

WARNING: Print this page or copy the information for your records.  This is the only opportunity to view your entire routing and account information.  Once “SAVE” is selected, only the last four digits of the bank information will appear. 

NOTE: Some credit union or savings and loan routing numbers are not compatible with direct deposit. You may need to contact a representative from your credit union or savings and loan branch to request their American Banking Association number as an alternative. You may also locate or confirm a compatible bank transit routing number by visiting the Federal Reserve E-Payment Routing Directory on the Internet at the following address:

How will I know if my direct deposit enrollment is successful?

Once you have saved your information, you will receive a confirmation page of your enrollment.  The confirmation page shows only the last four digits of your bank information.

Can I select a foreign bank?

No. Because of a change in banking regulations effective in early 2009, the UI Program cannot deposit UI benefits into foreign bank accounts. You must select a U.S. bank for direct deposit of UI benefits. The Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House (FedACH) must recognize the bank as a U.S. bank. A bank representative can inform you of the bank’s FedACH status.

Can I split payment between more than one account?

No.  You may deposit your UI benefit payment into only one bank account, either a savings or checking account.

Can I request direct deposit into a joint checking or savings account?

Yes. You may request deposit of UI benefit payments into a joint checking or savings account. However, the UI Program releases information about your UI benefit payments only to you and not to the other party of the joint account.

NOTE: It is your responsibility to work with your bank or financial institution to recover funds removed by a joint party. It is your responsibility to update your direct deposit account information should your banking information change.

What happens if I enter incorrect bank information?

Self-enrollment in direct deposit for the UI Program requires you to enter a correct bank account number and routing number on the Bank Account Information page. Any mistakes (such as a wrong bank account number or transit routing number) will result in delays and could result in your benefit payment going to the wrong account.

NOTE: WorkForce West Virginia assumes no responsibility or liability to recover funds transferred to an incorrect account. Please take extreme care in verifying your bank account information before submitting it. It is your responsibility to work with your bank or financial institution to recover funds transferred to an incorrect account.

How do I report a change to my bank account information?

To report a change to your bank account information, visit our web site at and select the “To enroll in Direct Deposit” option. After entering your social security number and 4-digit PIN, the last four digits of your routing and account numbers of your previously saved information will display. For verification reasons, you will be required to re-enter your bank name, bank transit routing number, and the account number for the selected checking or savings account.

Can I switch back to the debit card after enrolling in direct deposit?

Yes. You may change between the two methods of payment at any time. You must contact your local office to request your payment method be changed back to the debit card. You must contact Chase Customer Support at 1-877-863-2564 to request a new debit card if you do not have the card.

Can I call the Customer Support number on my debit card for assistance with Direct Deposit?

No. This number is only for debit card related inquiries. Customer Service will not have access to your direct deposit information.

How does WorkForce deposit payments to my direct deposit account?

WorkForce West Virginia sends UI benefits via an encrypted transmission of data that includes your social security number, bank transit routing number, and bank account information. The funds are then electronically transferred to the routing bank you entered on your direct deposit self-enrollment.

How long does it take to receive my payment in my direct deposit account?

It may take two to four business days after your benefit weeks are processed to complete the transfer of funds to your bank account (this excludes weekends and holidays).

How will I know when a deposit of my benefits to my bank account is completed?

You must contact your bank or financial institution for account balance information.

How can I check my UI claim balance and payment status?

You may check your UI claim balance and payment status by either visiting or calling the WorkForce IVR at 1-800-379-1032 and selecting the menu option, “If you are a Claimant and want specific information about your claim.”  You can receive information about the:

  • Status of most recent week claimed.
  • Information on current year ending date and benefit balance.
  • Amount of unemployment compensation benefits paid to you in the prior Calendar Year.

What happens with failed direct deposits?

If payment cannot be deposited due to an incorrect routing or account number, the funds are returned to WorkForce West Virginia. We will send you a letter informing you of the failed transaction and as a courtesy we will reissue this payment to you in the form of a check.  However, please be advised that your method of payment will be changed to a debit card.  If your debit card has been lost or if it has expired, it will be your responsibility to call Chase Customer Service at (1-877-863-2564) to have a new debit card issued.  If you do not wish to continue receiving payments through the debit card, you will need to re-register yourself for direct deposit at and select the “To enroll in Direct Deposit” option and re-enter your information for direct deposit.

NOTE: Entering an incorrect bank transit routing or bank account number when enrolling for direct deposit will result in delays and could result in a deposit of your UI benefit payment into a wrong account. It is your responsibility to work with your bank or financial institution to recover funds transferred to an incorrect account.

Who do I contact if I don’t receive my direct deposit?

If you entered the correct transit routing number for your bank and the UI and

the UI benefit payment is not in your direct deposit account, contact your bank and provide the account number you entered at the time of enrollment.

Contact UC Benefits & Technical Support at 304-558-7823 to:

  • Verify payment was not returned to WorkForce.
  • Obtain a Trace ID number for either the routing and/or account number.
  • Verify if an incorrect bank transit routing number was entered at time of enrollment.

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