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How to Avoid or Reduce Fees

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The Chase Visa debit card packet you receive will contain important information concerning activating and using your card. It will also include information about surcharges and fees that may apply to the card. Below are some tips on how to avoid fees when using your card:

  • Use your card anywhere (retail stores) that accepts VISA debit cards instead of using cash.
  • Use the cash-back option: A point-of-sale withdrawal lets you withdraw money without having to pay surcharges and fees. Simply tell the store clerk you choose the cash-back option and enter your PIN
  • Visit a Chase or Visa Member bank to receive free bank teller service (inside the bank) to:
    • Withdraw the entire account balance
    • Withdraw large dollar amounts that exceed ATM withdrawal limits
    • Withdraw small dollar amounts not allowed at ATMs
  • Avoid using a Non Chase ATM to perform balance inquiries, which may result in fees.  Check your balance by using a Chase, Allpoint or WesBanco ATM, calling Chase toll free at 1-877-863-2564 or on the Web site at

Contact Chase Customer Service at 1-877-863-2564 for assistance regarding your card. For questions concerning your claim, contact your local WorkForce West Virginia Claims Office.

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NOTICE: How to order a new or replacement debit card Download PDF.

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