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Work Force West Virginia will visit your business upon request to explain how we can best serve your business and the community. Contact a local office on the Locations Map or Email Us.

WorkForce West Virginia can work for you!

We can help you find the right workers for your company or business, saving you time and money. With the largest online database of job seekers in the state, WorkForce West Virginia can match you with qualified applicants, increasing worker retention and productivity. WorkForce West Virginia is a one-stop center for work force resources, including training, tax incentives and labor market information.

Recruiting, Screening and Referrals.

WorkForce West Virginia can help you analyze the essential functions of your vacant positions to help match the right job seeker to the right job. We recruit at the individual and group level. WorkForce West Virginia can screen, assess and interview job seekers for you. If needed, we can provide federal employee bonding. We can also provide space in our offices for employers who decide to conduct their own interviews.

WorkKeys® Assessments and Job Profiling.

Employers can utilize WorkKeys® assessments to save time by interviewing only applicants who have the skills required for your jobs and save money by using your training budget on employees with skill gaps. Our ACT- authorized Job Profilers can help you make reliable, EEOC compliant decisions about hiring, training, and program development by matching job profile information with individual scores on the WorkKeys.®

Tax Credits. Programs such as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit can save you money, and WorkForce West Virginia can help you find the state and federal tax credits for which your company qualifies, including the Military Incentive Program for hiring qualified veterans.

Training and Workforce Development.

WorkForce West Virginia can provide on-the-job training and customized training for employers and their employees. We can coordinate access to training services when a layoff happens.

Thinking of hiring an employee with past fraudulent or dishonest acts?  Our FREE Federal Bonding Program may be right for you.  Get a $5,000 fidelity bond against employee dishonesty with NO DEDUCTIBLE.

Federal Contractor Job Listing (FCJL)
The Federal Contracting Job Listing Program (FCJL) is designed to assist employers who have been awarded contracts with the federal government.  Any employer with a contract of $100,000 or more must list openings for jobs with the local WorkForce West Virginia office.  Preference is given to veterans on FCJL job openings.  Email workforcefederalcontractorjoblist@wv.gov to request additional information.   To send a job order to the closest WorkForce West Virginia office, download our Fillable Job Order Details form and either email, mail or fax to us.

Labor Market Information.

Good decisions are based on good information. WorkForce West Virginia can help get the facts you need to plan your business future, including information on prevailing wages, employment and income statistics, employee availability, employment trends, economic indicators, unemployment insurance, labor markets, and changes in federal and state law affecting business. Check out WorkForce West Virginia’s Labor Market Information site.

We’ll Come To You.

WorkForce West Virginia will visit your business upon request to explain how we can best serve your business and the community. Contact a local office on the Locations Map or email businessservices@wv.gov.