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Productive Work Force

West Virginia has the nation's second-lowest overall employee turnover rate, 15% below the national average. In manufacturing, the state has the nation's lowest employee turnover rate, 31% below the national average.

West Virginia's work force meets the needs of business and industry.

West Virginia pledges an educated and work-ready work force with among the lowest turnover and highest productivity rates in the country. The state's award-winning public education system and nationally acclaimed training programs provide the skill sets needed for competing in a global economy.

Business leaders in West Virginia appreciate the work force for its:
  • Loyalty
  • Strong work ethic
  • Commitment to superior product quality
National benchmark studies show that our workforce is among the most productive in the nation. For instance, Toyota's Buffalo, W.Va., plant led the nation in 4-cylinder engine productivity for six consecutive years, according the Harbour Report.

West Virginia State University, InstituteEducation  
West Virginia’s system receives the highest marks in technology in the U.S., as ranked by Education Week.

  • Computer literacy is required in grades K through 12.
  • West Virginia has a high college-going rate, compared to other states. Part of our success in this area can be attributed to the state’s generous PROMISE (Providing Real Opportunities for Maximizing In-state Student Excellence) Scholarship program.
  • West Virginia's higher education system offers students degree programs in all facets of today's high-technology industries, including biometrics.
    Find out about West Virginia’s Global 21 initiative, school ratings, professional development and more.

    WorkForce West Virginia provides an integrated process with one point of contact to all segments of the work force development system. It coordinates all state and federal training resources to serve employers and job seekers by:
    • Providing job search, job training and re-training
    • Helping employers upgrade employees’ skills to improve retention and productivity with training designed for an employer’s specific needs, on- or off-site.
    • Working with employers to forecast future job creation needs and plan for West Virginia's future
    The Governor's Guaranteed Work Force Program administers training funds to new and existing industries to help them develop their work forces. The program has trained more than 100,000 employees since 1991.

    Learn more about WorkForce West Virginia:  Visit WorkforceWV.org