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West Virginia's status as a leading energy-producing state is a testament to its rich natural resources.

  • The state is the leading exporter of natural gas as a percentage of total production east of the Mississippi.
  • West Virginia ranks second in the U.S. for coal production, at 148 million tons per year.
  • The state's coal provides the major source of energy for 32 states.
  • West Virginia’s electric rates are among the lowest in the nation.

In 2004, more than 950 energy companies in the state employed 28,000 workers and generated wages in excess of $1.6 billion.

The state's energy sector output ranked fourth in the nation as a proportion of total GSP (12 percent), surpassed only by Wyoming, Alaska and Louisiana. West Virginia's energy sector grew by 2,200 workers during the nation's recessionary period.

Energy Efficiency Program

The West Virginia Energy Efficiency Program helps industries, public institutions, local governments and the transportation sector enhance energy efficiency. EEP supports activities in a variety of areas, including:

  • The Industries of the Future - West Virginia program assists energy intensive industries in identifying and adopting new technologies to improve energy and environmental performance.
  • The Saving Energy in Public Schools program, provided in cooperation with the West Virginia Department of Education, assists county school systems in assessing and improving energy use in West Virginia schools.
  • The Recycling Program provides information on retail and enduse recycling markets in West Virginia.
  • The West Virginia Energy Star program helps businesses and individuals protect the environment through the use of energy efficient technologies and practices.
  • The Renewable Energy program aids in the promotion of biomass, solar and wind resources to the residential and commercial sectors by providing information on renewable energy technologies and applications.
  • West Virginia's Clean State Program advances the use of alternative fuels.

West Virginia's Energy Blueprint
Energy Blueprint
West Virginia is an energy leader. Learn how the state contributes to the national picture and where it hopes to be in the future.

Business Climate Brochure
Business Climate Brochure

During the last several years, West Virginia has produced a positive business climate for new and expanding companies that want to create good jobs in West Virginia.