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Reliable Environmental Transport Inc.

Bridgeport Business Named One of Country’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. Magazine

Jonathon Marks, president of Reliable Environmental Transport Inc. (RET), is modest when it comes to taking credit for growing his company into a multi-million dollar company in just over five years and being named the 393rd fastest growing company in the nation.  “The Inc. Magazine recognition is a direct reflection of our dedicated staff,” he says. “If any credit is to be bestowed, it should go to their work ethic.”

RET, which Marks, along with partners Al Anderson and Claude Ryan IV, started in 2005, is a spin-off of Ryan Environmental Inc.  Marks began working for Ryan as a salesperson in 1992 after retiring from the U.S. Navy with a service-connected disability.  At that time, the business only consisted of four employees, a backhoe and a dump truck.  Customer demands for professional, safety-oriented and cost-effective solutions to waste transportation and disposal needs were the driving forces behind the decision to create RET.  Today, the company provides a wide variety of services to clients both small and large:  servicing the needs of the oil and gas exploration industry; transporting hazardous and non-hazardous waste materials, including liquid natural gas and propane; drum management; mud management; lab packing services; industrial vacuum services, Mobile Frac tank and storage tank rentals; indirect heating units; potable water services; flatbed transportation; and emergency response.

In addition to the variety of services RET offers its clients, the company also provides invaluable contributions to West Virginia’s economy.  RET provides more than 100 employees and family members with opportunites for health benefits, above average salaries, vacations and retirement benefits, all while contributing millions in payroll and taxes.

“RET is very family oriented; they really are there for you and your family,” says Transportation Manager Kim Posey.  “If there is any time I ever need off for a family situation or a personal reason, it has never, ever been an issue.  It’s like we’re a big family here.”
Posey was hired as an administrative assistant for Ryan Environmental.  By working side by side with Marks, Posey says she learned everything she knows about waste, waste streams and waste profiling.  “In most companies, if you don’t know how to do something a lot of people are afraid to ask questions.  Here at RET no one is ever afraid to ask questions.  Everyone is ready to help you and answer any questions you have.”

In 2005, when the company grew and became RET, Posey was ready to take on the new challenges of the transportation manager position.  “My job grew as the company grew.”

As far as a typical workday, Posey says there isn’t one.  “It’s always chaos; I don’t plan ahead because there’s always something new to be done.  It’s not a nine-to-five job, and it can sometimes be a seven-day-a-week job.  I love it!”
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