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Location: Kanawha County
In December 2007, Kureha Corporation of Japan announced it would invest more than $100 million in a new, wholly owned subsidiary, Kureha PGA, LLC, to build a plant for the production and sale of the high-performance polymer, polyglycolic acid (PGA). The production facility is located on the DuPont site in Belle, W.Va.

The first phase of this construction is a semi-works facility that will create approximately 50 new jobs and result in an investment of more than $100 million. Construction of the plant started in January 2009, with polymer production to begin mid 2010.

Kureha PGA has attracted highly skilled engineers and chemical plant operators from West Virginia to this exciting project. Ten new jobs have been created and filled since the start of the project. The Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program has contributed funds for the additional training required for the engineers and operations personnel to learn the specifics of Kureha PGA technology. This training includes trips to the Kureha PGA pilot plant in Iwaki, Japan, to experience firsthand the nuances of this new process. With this training, Kureha PGA employees will be able to develop the operations and maintenance procedures, as well as the training plan, for the U.S. plant.

An additional 20 jobs (operators and reliability personnel) were created and filled at the end of 2009. Their training will begin immediately to prepare them for the 2010 plant startup.
“Thanks to funding by the Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program, our operations employees have directly experienced the operation of this new breakthrough PGA technology at our pilot plant in Japan. This hands-on training will be invaluable to the development of operating and maintenance procedures, and to a successful plant start-up.”

Tom Provost
Plant Manager
Kureha PGA, LLC