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Jeff Fetty Designs

Jeff Fetty Designs

Jeff Fetty Designs
Project Type:
Small Business Work Force Development
Location: Roane County
At his forge in West Virginia, artist-blacksmith Jeff Fetty has been nurturing his craft and business for nearly 30 years. While coaxing hard, cold iron into delicately wrought objects, Fetty remains conscious of the need to develop his skills as a business person. He has utilized a variety of resources and attributes much of his growth as an artist to his extensive travels to trainings around the world and close to home. Fetty has taken advantage of opportunities offered by the state and private agencies, as well as independent research, to develop a foundation of basic business skills.

Much of his initial business growth came through client referrals and marketing opportunities provided by Tamarack and other local galleries. Fetty achieved the second stage of growth by reaching a broader national market through more sophisticated marketing. The evolution of his craft required new business skills in the area of work flow management and cost accounting.

As his business grew, Fetty applied for and was awarded training funds from the Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program, which enabled him to train new employees and develop an apprenticeship program that will ultimately provide the skilled assistance needed to continue expanding the business.
“West Virginia has a rich craft tradition, an artistic community and a network of skilled business people who are eager to share their knowledge. I doubt I could find a better place to pursue my craft.”

Jeff Fetty
Jeff Fetty Designs