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Wincore Window Company, LLC

Wincore Window Company, LLC

Wincore Window Company, LLC employees participate in the development of safety programs and career curriculum knowledge

Wincore Window Company, LLC
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Location: Wood County
Wincore Window Company, LLC, is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of vinyl new construction and replacement windows. A privately-owned company founded in 2007, Wincore provides a 7-day delivery service of their products, anywhere in the nation.

In any industry, great products start with great people. When Wincore set out to design and build the best windows and doors in the industry, they focused on their people first. With more than 200 years of combined experience, the promise of quality and innovation can be seen in every window and door that is made.

The funds provided by the GGWFP allowed Wincore to develop greatly needed programs to assist in handling the phenomenal growth the company has experienced. Wincore recognized that training would assist them in bringing their work force into the forefront of modern technology.

Local community colleges and universities, as well as private training providers, assisted in utilizing the financial assistance through the GGWFP. Specific areas of focus were the development and training surrounding the safety area of the business. Hazard assessment and hazard communication plans were developed and integrated. Along the line of employee development, a detailed career curriculum was uniquely developed to identify the numerous career levels that an entry-level employee had available to them and the training, experience and specific criteria that is required to meet each level of their career advancement.

“We have grown at a tremendous pace over the past 3 years and needed help from training providers who could give us immediate assistance in developing key programs within our organization. It was very exciting to us to be eligible for the GGWFP funds. The internal programs allowed us to handle our rapid growth and streamline our work efficiencies.”

Randall Holden
Wincore Window Company, LLC