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Weyerhaeuser NR Company

Weyerhaeuser Company

Specialized skills are enhanced through training funds

Weyerhaeuser Company
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Location: Braxton and Upshur counties
Weyerhaeuser Company, one of the world’s largest forest products companies, began operations in 1900. The company grows and harvests trees, builds homes, and makes a range of forest products essential to everyday lives.

Facilities located in Sutton and Buckhannon, W.Va., manufacture wood products used in residential and commercial construction. Microllam® and Parallam® OSB (Orientated Strand Board), as well as other engineered wood panels, are made by more than 400 employees at the two mills.

The recent challenging economic conditions have made training opportunities funded by the GGWFP more critical than ever in employee development. Each facility uses a variety of processes in production lines and many require specialized training. Thanks to GGWFP awards, Weyerhaeuser employees have been able to hone their skills in a number of important ways. Training sessions have helped enhance and build skills in specialized areas such as fire and electrical safety, maintenance operations, hydraulic processes, and leadership development.

Weyerhaeuser is proud to be a partner with the GGWFP and even more proud to be a corporate citizen of West Virginia.