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TRG Customer Solutions

TRG Customer Solutions

TRG grows to more than 1,300 workers

TRG Customer Solutions
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Location: Kanawha County
Incorporated in 2001, TRG Customer Solutions is a leading global business process outsourcing provider of customer relationship management solutions and technologies. The company provides services to global Fortune 500 clients in the automotive, telecommunications, financial services, media, retail and utilities sectors.

TRG’s product portfolio encompasses the entire spectrum of customer management and sales solutions. It includes services such as customer care, inbound/outbound sales, technical support, customer retention, back office solutions and market research.

The company started its operations in West Virginia in 2004 with 25 agents, providing outbound sales services for a leading financial services company from its Charleston contact center. Over the years, TRG has utilized the GGWFP to provide a variety of development courses to its existing employees and new hires, in order to enhance their customer service, technical support and staff training skills.

As a result of this program, TRG has been able to consistently deliver outstanding service quality to its existing clients from its West Virginia sites and has received numerous recognition awards.

This reputation has also helped the company expand into many new markets and successfully grow its business, both in West Virginia and across the globe. Today TRG is one of the largest private employers in West Virginia, employing more than 1,300 agents.

“West Virginia offers a highly talented work force with an outstanding work ethic. That, coupled with a robust technology infrastructure and the rich educational and professional development environment provided by the GGWFP, makes it the ideal location for our business.”

Frank Kelly
Chief Executive Officer
TR G Customer Solutions