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Swanson Plating Company, Inc.

Swanson Plating Company, Inc.

Employee training helps company get faster, leaner, and more customer-friendly

Swanson Plating Company, Inc.
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Location: Monongalia County
Swanson Plating Company, established in 1964, is part of the Swanson Industries group of companies. It provides a vast array of products and services for several industries, including fluid power, mining, construction, and many others.

It is a worldwide supplier of hydraulic, machining, and plating services. The company’s expertise is in designing and manufacturing new products, re-manufacturing and repairing components, engineering, and distribution of certified products.

Like many manufacturing companies today, Swanson faces a shortage in the supply of skilled workers. Few institutions today offer training in precision machining and metal working. Swanson’s business requires it to have machinists in order to provide its services. More than 25 percent of its production employees are machinists.

With funding from the GGWFP, Swanson Plating was able to offer training in CNC machining to employees. The benefits were threefold. The employees obtained needed skills in CNC machining, the company achieved greater work force flexibility enabling it to increase finished component output, and the training promoted lean manufacturing principles.

A trainee with no prior machining experience is now capable of running one of the machining centers unattended. This provides coverage if one of the regular CNC machinists is out, or if an additional shift needs to be added to cover a spike in demand. The training has increased Swanson’s ability to be more responsive to customer requirements, be leaner, and improve its competitive advantage.