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Homer Laughlin China

Homer Laughlin China

Staying on the cutting edge in the kitchen

Homer Laughlin China
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Location: Hancock County
For more than 139 years The Homer Laughlin China Company has set America’s table, whether for eating in or dining out. The company manufactures the American icon, Fiesta®, that can be found in nearly every home. Celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2011, Fiesta continues to grow in popularity with fans old and young.

For restaurants, Homer Laughlin crafts more than 1000 different items for the food service industry. They can be found in the most prestigious hotels, eateries, and resorts as well as in local diners.

Through the GGWFP, Homer Laughlin continues to train its employees to remain on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology as well as teaching new techniques for advertising and marketing its product. More than 900 employees at Homer Laughlin update their skills by attending such programs as AutoCad Training, Design Essentials and technical cross-training to help create a more valuable employee.

“By using the GGWFP, Homer Laughlin can open training opportunities to more employees and continue to maintain its edge in the dinnerware industry, whether in manufacturing or sales techniques.”

Joe Wells III
The Homer Laughlin China Company