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Greenbrier Communications, Inc.

Greenbrier Communications, Inc.

Greenbrier Communications improves value to customers

Greenbrier Communications, Inc.
Project Type:
Small Business
Location: Greenbrier County
When Greenbrier Communications (GCom) was founded by current President Bill Lenherr in 1995, it was with a vision of providing the Greenbrier Valley area with a source of quality computer support. The company was incorporated in 2001. Together with owners Allen Carson, Tom Campbell and Matt Wykle, Lenherr has since seen GCom grow to become one of the region’s largest providers of value-based, common-sense technology solutions for businesses and homeowners.

One of the greatest challenges and opportunities GCom realized early on was that growing a successful technology business in southern West Virginia requires providing a diverse range of products to multiple business verticals. In order to provide their technicians with a wide variety of technical skills and expertise and enable them to keep pace with rapid changes in technology, GCom has always been committed to a strategy of ongoing training and education.

With the help of the GGWFP, technician Brian Comer was able to complete SonicWall Network Security Essentials Administrator Training. It provided him with the skills and knowledge to help the company support their growing number of SonicWall clients. Owner and CTO Matt Wykle had the opportunity to complete ShoreTel Advanced System and Troubleshooting Training, which helped qualify the company for increased margins on ShoreTel products sold.

By helping to improve the skill set and resulting value GCom can provide its clients, the GGWFP has contributed to the company’s overall growth in revenue and profitability in 2010, as well as an increase in the number of technicians employed to meet the demands of its expanding client base.

“With the assistance of the GGWFP we are able to meet our vendor’s training expectations, while providing improved quality of service to our customers.”

Bill Lenherr
Founder and President
Greenbrier Communications, Inc.