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Fairmont Tool, Inc.

Fairmont Tool

Safety first as company expands into surrounding states

Fairmont Tool
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Location: Cabell County
Fairmont Tool in Fairmont, W. Va. manufactures subs and machine tool joint connections for the oil and gas industry. The company also provides other services including custom machining, welding, fabrication, and CNC burning.

Working with WFWV to obtain training and funds, Fairmont Tool partnered with West Virginia Manufacturing Extension Partnership to train new and existing employees in a quality management system that is enabling the development of a program that meets the API Q1; ISO 29001 standard. This training has allowed Fairmont Tool to expand its customer base into surrounding states.

Since its start in 1976 in a 700 sq. ft. garage, Fairmont Tool has expanded in facility size and manufacturing capabilities. Its new 40,000 sq. ft. facility has allowed the company to provide a safe working environment for employees with the implementation of a safety program.

Contributing to the efficiency of the new facility is the addition of large hollow spindle lathes and a large horizontal mill with a rotary table as well as other equipment. A spacious manufacturing area equipped with a variety of CNC and manual machines allows for the easy and efficient production of parts in a wide variety of sizes and quantities.

The funding from the GGWFP has helped Fairmont Tool achieve quality machining that will meet or exceed industry standards for years to come.

“Working with WFWV and the GGWFP has helped give Fairmont Tool a competitive edge and has been beneficial in implementing a Quality Management System that will ensure consistent quality products.”

Brian Lamb
QMS , employee
Fairmont Tool