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Ecolab, Inc.

Ecolab, Inc.

Ecolab grows with the help of the GGWFP

Ecolab, Inc.
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Location: Berkeley County
In 2009, Ecolab Inc. expanded its manufacturing and distribution center in Martinsburg, W.Va. The plant grew approximately 25 percent from the previous year and hired 38 new employees. Two new technologies, Ecolab’s floor finish manufacturing and Oasis Pro manufacturing, were brought to the plant in this expansion. Because of its unique business, hiring people with the necessary skills is often challenging, time-consuming, and very expensive.

The GGWFP enabled the training of new associates in an efficient and timely manner, helping maintain a competitive advantage during the transition period. Training new people to succeed in their new roles would have been very costly without assistance from the program.

The funding also provided training for existing employees to manage the significant change by enhancing their skills and increasing their knowledge base. This was critical because of the technology advances in manufacturing processes and systems being installed. Without additional training on the new technology, these employees would have faced a difficult learning curve.

“Implementing such a big change in such a short period of time is very difficult. The funding from the GGWFP was critical to our success. The ability to train people upfront on the new processes ensured we maintained a safe environment and the quality of our products while meeting service targets. Working closely with WFWV has been a great experience.”

Jon Gavlinski
Plant Manager
Ecolab, Inc.