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DuPont Washington Works

DuPont Washington Works

Company creates flexible work force

DuPont Washington Works
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Location: Wood County
Since 1948, Washington Works has been located on the banks of the Ohio River, just outside of Parkersburg in Wood County. Washington Works employs 1,550 people, including various contractors, and has been instrumental in the creation of thousands of area jobs to support plant operations.

After recognizing that employee training across the site was inadequate to support a flexible work force, the Site Employee Education Department was formed. This team was awarded $279,000 by the GGWFP to help fund their Transferrable Skill Block Project. Transferrable skills were identified by performing job task analyses and operational validation of tasks based on frequency, criticality, and difficulty for 166 site positions. Utilizing an operator-based special assignment team, standardized and task-driven job qualification manuals, skill demonstrations, and refresher packets were developed for these positions.

With the GGWFP’s support, Washington Works identified job roles, including those of operators, maintenance, engineers and supervisors, in order to understand and improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees. This will result not only in higher-quality training but will also improve flexibility in the work force.

An Incumbent Worker Training Award for customized training was also awarded in the amount of $54,157.50. These funds will help train approximately 900 employees in such areas as Chemical Manufacturing and Energy Training Education Network, Boiler operator and Certified Welding Instructor programs.

“The GGWFP has provided invaluable support in advancing employee training at Washington Works.”

Todd Fox
Training & Development Manager
Washington Works