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New equipment helps company branch out

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Location: Jefferson County
DALB, Inc. is a privately held commercial screen-printing company, located in Kearneysville, W.Va. The company started operations in 1982 with four founding employees in a 2,500 square foot rented facility. They have grown through the years and now occupy a company-owned, 126,000 square foot facility. The company currently employs 160 full-time staff members.

DALB’s primary customers are the manufacturers of food/ soft drink vending machines and glass front merchandisers in addition to the thousands of Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper bottling operations throughout North America. DALB also provides graphics for vending machines in Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and Australia. Their primary products consist of printed lighted plastic sign faces, pressure-sensitive vinyl decals and flavor cards, which provide the appealing graphics for the food/soft drink equipment. Additionally, they print many other products used for “point of purchase” displays as well as decorative panels used on high-end LCD televisions.

More recently, DALB invested in vacuum/thermoforming equipment and began designing and manufacturing thermoformed plastic products, such as three-dimensional signs. Not only are these products supplied to their current customer base, but it will allow them to grow their business in many other markets as well. In 2010 DALB added a 26,000 square foot addition to their facility to accommodate their increase of business in the thermoforming market.

DALB obtained an award through the GGWFP to train the staff on many of the new technologies that have been incorporated into their processes over the past several years. This training has helped them to quickly acquire the skills required to expand into this new product line.

“Upon learning of the GGWFP, we’ve taken many opportunities to further train our staff in new technologies that will enable us to continue growing in the 21st century. As a West Virginia employer, we believe this program has been very beneficial for us and would strongly encourage other West Virginia businesses to utilize the services offered.”

Kevin L. Steeley
DAL B, Inc.