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Ashland Scenic Campground, LLC

Ashland Scenic Campground, LLC

Hands-on employee training allows for faster expansion

Ashland Scenic Campground, LLC
Project Type:
Small Business
Location: McDowell County
The Ashland Scenic Campground LLC, commonly known as the Ashland Resort, is expanding property in southern West Virginia. The resort is located in McDowell County outside the village of Ashland and has a direct contact to the Hatfield McCoy Indian Ridge Trail System. The resort opened in June 2006.

Last March, with the support of the award from the GGWFP, on-site training was provided to the campground staff by a representative from Mission Management Systems, the supplier of Campground Manager Reservation and POS software. The training lasted three days and was hands-on, using the equipment in the camp store. This was the most up-to-date training the staff could possibly receive. Even though workers had been using this software for a year, there were a great deal of options and additional features they were unaware of. Assistant manager Rvonne Reed said, “Everyone on the staff benefited, from the store clerks to management.”

This program has allowed for the planned expansion of the resort at a faster pace than expected. An independent customer satisfaction survey showed the scores raised significantly and gave managers confidence that the staff was ready for the expansion.