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Azimuth Incorporated

Azimuth Incorporated

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Location: Monongalia County
Azimuth Incorporated is a founding member of the West Virginia High Technology Consortium, a leader in electronics, software development and engineering services for the U. S. Department of Defense and other federal agencies. Azimuth is a winner of numerous small business awards and multimillion-dollar government contracts. At the center of these accomplishments are President and CEO Craig Hartzell, Vice President and CFO Tina Belt, and a stable
of talented staff members whose expertise in defense, aerospace, medical services, manufacturing and other hightech industries has helped position Azimuth at the forefront of the engineering industry.

Azimuth’s focus on quality, innovation and performance in all of its divisions goes hand-in-hand with its corporate philosophy of excellence through teamwork. By developing close working relationships internally among coworkers and externally with like-minded companies, Azimuth has become a key player in impacting the revitalization of business and growth of government contracting in West Virginia.

Headquartered in Morgantown, W.Va., Azimuth has partnered with WorkForce West Virginia and the Robert C. Byrd Institute on a work force development effort. This partnership has enabled Azimuth to expand its knowledge base and its engineering capabilities.

The company’s engineering group is located in Fairmont and is an ISO 9001:2000 registered facility that has earned an outstanding reputation for its work in supporting the U.S. military. Its high-tech specialties include ruggedized electronics for mobile marine, air and ground applications, real-time embedded systems, data acquisition, instrumentation and control, military communications suites, and the design and manufacturing of electronic circuit cards.

Azimuth proudly supports the mission of advancing West Virginia’s high-technology community, strengthening the state’s economy and supporting small business development through knowledge, ideas and innovation.
Azimuth expands its knowledge base and its engineering capabilities through the Governor’s Guaranteed Work Force Program