West Virginia Department of Commerce A.F. Wendling’s Food Service, Inc.

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A.F. Wendling’s Food Service, Inc.

A.F. Wendling’s Food Service, Inc.

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Location: Upshur County
Founded by Albert F. Wendling in 1913, A. F. Wendling’s Food Service, Inc. is West Virginia’s largest independent family owned and operated food service company.

Wendling’s has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade, expanding from 20 employees and $5 million in sales in 1998 to more than 70 employees and $25 million in sales in 2008.

Believing that employees are the key to success, the company began a step-by-step approach to the task of designing, organizing and conducting customized training. A comprehensive safety program resulted in a significant reduction in lost work days due to injury in the warehouse and transportation areas. Development and training for a new Web site prototype have made it easier for customers to access products and services. Still in the early phases, redesign and re-engineering of the warehouse layout and processes have resulted in improved inventory management and increased operational efficiencies.

The company plans continued growth through initiatives that leverage its ability to respond quickly and effectively to customers while providing a personalized level of service that has been the hallmark of Wendling’s for 100 years.


A.F. Wendling's Foodservice

A.F. Wendling's Foodservice
100 Wendling Plaza
Buckhannon, WV 26201

Toll Free: 1-800-352-3879
Phone: (304) 472-5500
Fax: (304) 472-5504

email: customerservice@afwendling.com

Website: afwendling.com

Facebook: facebook.com/AFWendling

“WorkForce West Virginia and the Appalachian Regional Commission have been essential business partners in helping us achieve growth and provide the training and development for our employees to allow us to become more competitive."

Chris Wendling
3rd Generation President
A.F. Wendling’s Food Service, Inc.