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FCX Aviation Ground Power

FCX Aviation Ground Power

FCX Systems in further up West Virginia’s I-79 High Technology Corridor. The company manufactures converters and preconditioned air equipment for military and commercial aviation in Morgantown.


FCX Systems was launched in 1987 by a group of engineers with a vision for a better product, said President and CEO Don Gallion. “From the late 1950s up to that point, all jet aircraft on the ground relied on power provided by motored generators. Our alternative was solid-state frequency converters. The solid state units are more efficient and require less maintenance than motored generators.”

Gallion found that while the U.S. aviation industry wanted and needed solid-state converters, customers hesitated to buy from a newly formed company.

“They were worried about whether a new company would be around in five years,” he said. “We found the international market was as good as the domestic one. International customers were attracted because of two factors: First, our product was American-made, therefore considered to be high technology and high quality. Second was the way FCX did, and does, business. We solve customer problems.”

Today, FCX exports to all seven continents, with customers in 70 countries, including China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. FCX has received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting, Governor’s Commendation for International Market Entry and the Presidential E-Award for Export Excellence, the highest award the federal government bestows on a manufacturer.

The company that was once considered “too new” marks its 20th anniversary this year.