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Road Warriors

Does your work commute involve dodging traffic on the beltway — or bullets in Afghanistan?

You can learn to do both at BSR Inc. driving school at Summit Point Raceway in Summit Point, W.Va.

“Everyone enjoys getting behind the wheel and going at high speed,” said Lee Chewey, vice president and director of training. “But it isn’t about learning to drive fast. It’s about learning to drive under control.”

BSR Inc. teaches security driving for law enforcement, the military, virtually every agency in the U.S. government, and selected foreign national drivers sponsored by U.S. government agencies.

“Our courses on vehicle control are open to civilians as well,” Chewey said. Drivers can get a fast introduction to high speed at Summit Point Motorsports Park’s Friday at the Track (FATT). This instructional event lets participants bring their street cars for a day of learning high performance driving techniques on the track. Attendees receive classroom instruction, skidpad instruction in BSR cars (including front and rear skid management), and four learning sessions in their own cars. Summit Point also holds recreational events such as road racing for sports cars, motorcycles and karts.

The training takes place at Summit Point Motorsports Park, 70 miles outside Washington, D.C. BSR’s 445-acre complex includes three paved road circuits, one dirt road circuit, one off-road training arena, seven firing ranges, two skid pads, eight classrooms and four administration/support buildings. A new paved circuit nearing completion will feature three skid pads and multiple connecting roads.

In the $6.6 million U.S. Department of State interim Training Facility, opened in 2008, U.S. State Department employees learn a variety of disciplines, taking advantage of the adjacent BSR facility for advanced driver training.

As a master sergeant with the U.S. Army, Chewey studied specialized security driving techniques at BSR in 1984. In 1986, he completed 22 years in the military and returned to BSR as an instructor.

“BSR has trained thousands of students in advanced vehicle control that supports safer driving anywhere,” said Chewey. “Last year, one driver received training in March. In August, the driver used the evasive driving tactics while under attack in Pakistan, getting himself and his principal officer to safety.”

West Virginia positions BSR within convenient reach of many military installations and federal agencies in Washington, D.C. Its location outside the beltway gives BSR clients and staff the benefits of the lower costs and higher quality of life available in the Mountain State.

About 10 percent of BSR employees come from military backgrounds.

Chewey said. “Veterans bring discipline and a strong work ethic. They have worked in leadership positions, and make good leaders and supervisors in civilian life.”

For more information on BSR, visit http://www.bsr-inc.com or call (304) 725-6512.