Frametown Exit Industrial Site

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Frametown Exit Industrial Site

West Virginia Development Office
1900 Kanawha Blvd. E.
Charleston, WV 25305-0311
Toll Free: (800) 982-3386
Office: (304) 558-2234


  • Property Type: Site
  • Zoning Designation: None
  • Development Council Region: 7
  • City: Frametown
  • Located in City Limits: No
  • Will Owner Subdivide The Property: Yes
  • Tax District: Birch
  • Tax Map Numbers: 5Q
  • Tax Map Parcel Numbers: 2 & 2.6
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  • Total Acres: 72
  • Attainment Area: Yes

Transportation: (A distance of 0 indicates adjacent.)

  • Distance to Nearest Commercial Airport (Miles): 50.0

Utilities: (A proximity of 0' indicates on-site.)

  • Electricity Utility: Mon Power
  • Proximity to Power Line: 0'
  • Gas Utility: Dominion
  • Proximity to Gas Main: 5,280'
  • Telephone Supplier: Frontier
  • Broadband Service Available: No
  • Water Utility: Sugar Creek PSD
  • Size of Water Main: 8"
  • Excess Capacity of Treatment Plant Gallons/day: 465,000
  • Sewer Utility: None, will require on site package plant of 20,000 GPD


This site is raw land under the ownership of a local resident. He is willing to sell, but has quoted an unrealistic price per acre. He is willing to negotiate. Preliminary cost estimates for development are high, ranging from $5.2 million to $4.2 million (costs include construction, engineering & soft costs). Estimates are very conservative assuming worst case scenarios on cost estimates. Contact the Braxton County Development Authority for the preliminary engineering report.


Environmental Remarks:

The preliminary engineering study indicates that a Phase I survey will be required.