West Virginia Department of Commerce Casting Calls and Auditions

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Casting Calls and Auditions

  1. NOW CASTING: Restoration Shops Across the Country

    Do you own or work in a restoration shop that can fix, restore or repurpose just about ANYTHING? Do you and your crew have huge...

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  2. Casting Call for Music Video

    Four specific characters needed. Details below. Pay to be determined, travel to shoot location included.      http://www...

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  3. TV Show Looking for Stressed-Out Families

    Are you feeling stressed and overworked? Has your work life kept you from missing quality time with your family? Do you feel...

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  4. Miners, truckers, loggers among those needed for new cable TV show

    Are you tough enough for television? PROSPECTORS WANTED! Looking for the BEST miners, truckers, heavy equipment operators,...

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  5. Backstage - The Actor's Resource

    Search casting notices, upload your resume or reel, post photos, and much more.  Learn more at Backstage.com.

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  6. SAG Indie

    SAGIndie's Casting Breakdown provides independent filmmakers with an efficient and effective method for casting quality,...

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