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West Virginia Movie Trivia


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1. What classic horror film creature was created by the former Union Carbide Silicones Division in Sistersville, West Virginia?

2. What Charleston actor has had his characters beaten up and killed twice by Clint Eastwood in two of Eastwood’s films? Name the films.

3. Where was Morgan Spurlock when he got the idea for his Academy Award-nominated documentary "Super Size Me"?

4. Name the film where Paul Newman spent time in Huntington developing his title character for one of his most legendary roles, which subsequently garnered him an Academy Award nomination.

5. What do "The Mothman Prophecies," "Live Free or Die Hard" and "Spider-Man 2" have in common?

6. What West Virginia company has supplied historical props for use in "Ray," "Hidalgo," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World," "Gods and Generals," and many more?

7. Lawrence Kasdan usually places West Virginia elements in his films. What West Virginia connection did he make in "The Bodyguard"?

8. Name the film where Dustin Hoffman spent time in Huntington developing his character for a role in which he received the Academy Award for Actor in a Leading Role.

9. Name another Paul Newman film with a West Virginia connection.

10. Name the United States Senator who appeared in Ron Maxwell’s "Gods and Generals.


1. "The Blob."

2. Russ McCubbin ("Sudden Impact," "High Plains Drifter").

3. His mother’s couch in Beckley, West Virginia.

4. "Cool Hand Luke" ("Luke Jackson").

5. All three films feature West Virginia identifiers: WOWK-TV 13 ("The Mothman Prophecies"), a Welcome to West Virginia border sign ("Live Free or Die Hard"), and artist Robert Lepper’s mural of West Virginia’s energy industries located in White Hall, West Virginia University, Morgantown (the mural was photographed and recreated by a scenic painting company for use in "Spider-Man 2").

6. Panther Primitives of Normantown, Gilmer County.

7. Kevin Costner’s character (Frank Farmer) attended West Virginia University and wore WVU clothing.

8. "Rain Man" ("Raymond Babbitt").

9. The film "Blaze" is based on West Virginia native Fannie Belle Fleming’s memoir "Blaze Starr: My Life as Told to Huey Perry," which recounts the infamous story of her long-term affair with a former Louisiana governor, portrayed by Newman.

10. Senator Robert C. Byrd was cast as a Confederate General.

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