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Re-think Your Options

For the most sensitive and secure data centers, West Virginia is being selected by federal agencies, including the FBI and the IRS. In addition, the elimination of sales taxes and significantly reduced property taxes are creating new investments in West Virginia

  • Trusted by world-class companies such as IBM
  • Insulated against natural and man-made disasters
Elimination of Sales Tax
  • Construction costs
  • Servers, hardware, software
Valuation of Personal Property
  • 95 percent reduction for data centers
  • Abundant, reliable, low-cost electricity
Alternative Energy
  • Among the largest producers of wind energy on the East Coast
Significant savings for data-based businesses
The “High-Technology Business Property Valuation Act” provides special property tax valuation for equipment and tangible personal property. The property tax is reduced to approximately five percent of the tax that would otherwise apply, based on the original cost of the property. In addition, sales tax is eliminated from all purchases of prewritten computer software, computers, computer hardware, servers, building materials and tangible personal property for direct use in a high-technology business or an internet advertising business. This legislation creates significant savings to data-based businesses located in the State of West Virginia.

Data Centers