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Access to suppliers and markets
Twenty-three percent of the nation’s chemical and polymer manufacturing plants are within 250 miles of West Virginia, a half-day’s trucking distance. Fifty percent of the nation’s chemical and polymer plants - producing 71 percent of the products - arewithin 500 miles, a single day’s trucking distance.

Six highway interstate routes traverse West Virginia, providing quick and easy access to major population and industrial centers in the Northeast, South and Midwest. They are links in an intermodal transportation system, providing strategic access to transshipment points by rail, water and air.

More than 2,400 miles of railroad track carry millions of freight tons each year in West Virginia, which is well served by two major Class I railroads, CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern.

Navigable Waterways And Ports
West Virginia provides excellent locations for industries using water transportation access, with 419 miles of navigable streams. A network of river terminals links West Virginia to ports on the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The Port of Huntington/Tri-State is the nation’s largest inland port, handling more than 80 million tons of cargo annually.

Air Travel
Passengers and freight can fly from West Virginia airports to convenient locations approximately one hour away at Charlotte, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Direct flights to these locations, plus New York City, Atlanta, Detroit and Houston facilitate business and trade. These transportation modes combine to offer West Virginia businesses unmatched versatility and convenience in serving regional, national and global markets with the most advanced “just-in-time” delivery.