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Advanced & Alternative Energy

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West Virginia is truly an energy state due to its rich natural resources and positive business climate for energy-related companies.

The Mountain State leads the nation in net interstate electricity exports. The state accounts for nearly one-third of U.S. coal production east of the Mississippi River and over one-tenth of U.S. total coal production. West Virginia has more estimated recoverable coal reserves at producing mines than any other state except Wyoming.

A key natural gas development in the state is the 6,000-foot-deep Marcellus Shale rock formation, believed to contain more than 50 trillion cubic-feet of recoverable natural gas.

It’s been called a game-changer for West Virginia’s economy. Marcellus Shale development has the potential to rejuvenate both the chemical and manufacturing industries.

In addition to West Virginia’s natural gas production, state infrastructure handles three times that amount from other sources, making the state is an important supplier to the Northeast during the winter months when natural gas demand peaks.

Wind Energy: A West Virginia Business Opportunity
West Virginia is home to three wind farms in Tucker, Grant and Greenbrier County. An additional 495 MW of wind electrical generation capacity have been permitted and are under development in West Virginia. With wind energy becoming a West Virginia business opportunity, jobs will follow for those with the right skill sets. Learn more about wind energy in West Virginia.

Energy Opportunities

West Virginia has always played an important role in supplying energy for the nation’s homes and factories and will continue to be a leader in advancing its energy resources to meet national energy needs.

West Virginia’s energy plan seeks energy independence, with freedom from foreign oil imports by 2030. The plan includes an appropriate mix of feasible energy technologies.

Some West Virginia resources and projects that capitalize on the nation’s demand for cleaner energy resources include:

West Virginia Energy Production and Consumption

The chart, above, shows West Virginia's energy production in green, compared to what the state exports in blue. The orange section shows how much the state consumed, itself. Click to view a larger version of the chart.

Powering America's Future
Powering America's Future

Executive summary discussing supply and demand, concerns, impact of proposed cap and trade legislation, West Virginia's energy initiatives and regulatory concerns.