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Paul Lambert

STāSIS Engineering 

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When Audi owners want to “supe up” their rides, it’s a West Virginia company that helps them do it. STāSIS Engineering, based in Jefferson County, offers dealership level assistance to Audi customers who want everything from cosmetic updates, like larger, fancier wheels and different-sounding exhaust systems, to internal upgrades like higher performance capable engines.  

“Our background building award-winning race cars enables us to bring racing technology to the mainstream automobile market, creating street cars with incredible performance and giving customers a taste of the exotic car experience at a fraction of the price,” said Paul Lambert, president and CEO of STāSIS.

The company, which was originally based in Sonoma, Calif., moved to W.Va. in 2009, to take advantage of the state’s better business climate and to be closer to Audi North American headquarters, which is 45 minutes away in Herndon, Va.  The move has already started paying dividends.  STāSIS tripled its sales last year and may be on track to triple again in 2011.  

“It’s been a very strong move for us.  We’re within four hours of about 40 million people, and yet we’re in West Virginia.  We have a nice, good quality of life, fairly low-cost ability to run a business and we’re still within proximity of major metropolitan areas and consumers.

“We’re very pleased in West Virginia.  We were impressed with the openness of state government to work with us, and work with us in ways that were specific to our business. It was obvious to us that it was a state government that was paying attention to individuals.”

Lambert said that West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle has an excellent pool of talent from which to draw.  

“There is a strong workforce through this Mid-Atlantic, Northeastern corridor that is often commuting an hour, two hours in and out of Baltimore and D.C.  Many of them are coming out here to live or they’re living in West Virginia already. Our business is unique in the diversity of the workforce that we utilize. We are an engineering business fundamentally, so we are using very professional skill sets. But we’re also using skill sets that are trade skills; very high-quality trade skills, be that fabrication, welding, prototyping, machining. We have nice access to both of those here. You’ve got good trades people and you have good engineering professionals. That’s the mix that we need.”

During the summer of 2011, the company will move from its temporary location in Kearneysville to a new $2.5 million headquarters at Summit Point Motorsports Park.  Todd Cope, the company’s chief financial officer, said plans call for more than doubling the current staff from 23 to 50 over the next couple of years.  “We have the option of more land and could potentially have 100 or more people at that site. Things are growing that quickly.  We’re going to need people to support that growth.”

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